ATTENTION: Reluctant Cold Callers. Stop putting up with the ongoing, constant torture of REJECTION from outdated telemarketing programs and techniques!

“If you’re frustrated with your sales career, slow business growth, and slow sales and you’d like to know how to double…even more…the size of your business faster than you ever imagined…you have come to the right place.  


Really, what are you waiting for…the stuff is absolutely free.

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By the way, that really is the reason I am giving away all that state of the art Cold Calling sales material absolutely free.

I just can’t handle watching people torture themselves anymore doing cold calling wrong! 


Hi Dan!

I just wanted to thank you one more time. My business is booming and I actually hired a second person to help me out with cold calling. I give my sales rep. a goal, and I know that without your scripts, she wouldn’t succeed her mark every week.

One thing that stays with me always is when you said: “You will dominate your market”. Which is happening before my eyes.

Thank you so very much!!!!!!!


Listen, I am just an average guy that has figured out how to make friends on the phone faster than most people.

This skill has helped me:

  • Start my first business at 18 and sell it at 27. The proceeds from that sales paid for my dad’s retirement for thirty years until his death in 2015.

  • Top cold calling account opener for five straight years as a stockbroker. (NOT WOLF OF WALL STREET STUFF)

  • Built up and sold Several Million Dollar Businesses in various industries. A Pest Control Company, A Lawn Care Company, A Truck Rental Business, A Business Brokerage Business, and a Staffing Company.

All through phone cold calling skills that I can teach you!

Now I want to help YOU grow your business into the business of your dreams, so call me today and let’s talk about it. 

Thanks for reading this letter…and I look forward to our conversation, 

Dan (The Deej) Jourdan
Cold Call Guy

Here are a few of the thousands of people I have helped with script writing, copy writing, and cold calling/sales coaching

Haven’t read everything yet because there IS SO MUCH… unbelievable value. One would be a silly Sally NOT TO BUY this. THANKS MUCH!

Everything is perfect! Wonderful and Sure will return again.

The Cold Call Guy over delivered. I got way more value than I anticipated. GREAT WORK!!! SERIOUSLY!!!

Lots of good no-nonsense material and advice. Certainly worth the money!

Getting back into the seller’s game and needed a kick start/coaching

Don’t think about it just do it. He is the best at what he does.

Gave very good information for the price. I never did cold calling before but feel much more confident now. Thanks Dan

Dan provided a great service and certainly over delivered. Highly recommended and would definitely use his services again.

Gave me much more than I thought I would get tailored the script to my industry I now am ready to put it to work. Thanks a lot Dan

WOW… Exactly what I have been looking for! Thank you so much, I know this will help my career.

Better than I expected! Can’t wait to dig in and report back with outcome and results.

What you will actually get is great insight into cold calling technique of the guy who really loves to do calls and knows how to do them. Examples of scripts are there too. It is like mini-course, based on what Dan worked out for himself and for everyone to be successful AND COMFORTABLE when calling. Thank you!

I wanted a template cold call script. I got that and A LOT more! Dan is a superstar sales person, and in one day of digesting work I sadly learned more than I have over the last 50 years of selling. Great news, I am now a mini-Dan. I put it to the test with a few calls, and guess what? IT WORKS! 5-stars to Dan!

This is an amazing deal, with incredibly helpful materials. And yes, the seller over-delivers on an epic scale, just as others have reported. Purchase with absolute confidence!

He over-delivered! Awesome! On my first peek, all information seemed very concise to me. I will put them into work now.

I am a Meditation Instructor and I was recently making cold calls with no response. Today I used his script and I got my first in person appointment and 4 interested parties with just 10 calls! This order was packed with encouraging and motivating information that I didn’t know I needed. WELL WORTH the money. He OVER DELIVERED! So thankful!

Thanks for info. truly a hell of a value to say the least. Don’t think about it just get it if you are on the fence. You will be glad you did! Thanks a million…

Wasn’t sure what to expect when I ordered to be honest, but boy am I glad that I did. This seller definitely knows their stuff and over delivered! Highly recommended!

Wow what a wealth of information I can’t believe it’ thanks so much

THANK YOU THANK YOU. AMAZING DEAL I enjoyed every bit of what you sent and will begin my telemarketing career next week. Sorry this took a week to get posted. Will be back!

Dan went above and beyond. I purchased a simple call script and received a package chock full of great info. I will be hiring Dan again for future sales needs. Thanks Dan!

The material went above and beyond! Detailed explanation in documents written in an easy to ready conversational style.

Amazing sales expert. You got me -happily- into your mailing list at the end of reviewing the amount of products I received. Very clever. I am impressed.

Wow! Dan is very generous…lots and lots of info. You can tell he loves what he does. Solid tips. Thanks 🙂

And thank you to all of you!

The Deej