Attention Salespeople: People Are Judging You!

I was talking to my mother last weekend and somehow the conversation turned to me. What a surprise, I know. She reminisced about some things about my childhood that I never knew, or chose not to remember.

She said, “You were an alright athlete, but a terrible teammate.”

She went on to say, as nicely as possible, that I was just the same emotionally if the team won or lost. I never got down on another player for messing up. She recalled that I was just as friendly with the second baseman on my team as I was with the opposing team’s player who just stole second base!

All I cared about was my own performance.

This makes sense to me, given that I only have control over my own performance. Everything else is out of my control, so why worry about it?  That, at least, was my thinking back then…it has not changed.   

What sports or hobbies did you play as a kid?

If you want some good insight into someone’s way of thinking and acting?  Try that question at your next networking meeting or interview.

Here’s what the answers will tell you about the person:

Team sports or Hobbies: Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Lacrosse, etc.

You are the type of person who wants to lean on others and have others lean on you. You like the social aspect of the workplace and expect everyone to do their part for the benefit of the company. You may be competitive and will work long hours in finishing a project, as long as others do the same. You are a good worker and people like being around you.

Individual Sports and Hobbies: Skateboarding, Running, Tennis, Skiing, Knitting, Painting, Gardening, etc.

You are like me, a selfish ingrate! Just wanted to see if you are still reading! You like to keep busy. You like producing and getting the credit for it. You will accept blame for things going wrong and are more concerned with solutions. You are competitive with yourself more than with others. You will work longer hours just because it makes you feel good to say that you worked long hours. You are a bit of a nut, a good person, and people tend to think you are a weirdo.

There is, of course, the third group who have no hobbies or interests at all.  My dad used to say that people with no interests are uninteresting, and not fun to hang around with.

Here’s the tip: Your hobbies and interests will tell you more about yourself than any personality test. Knowing that about yourself will help you find the right job where you will succeed. And, as the hiring authority, knowing that about your applicants will help you find the right people who will succeed on the job.


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