The Ultimate Cold Calling Coaching Program

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You might want to read on… Ask yourself these questions:

  • How would your life change this year if you earned twice what you did last year?
  • How would you spend or invest your extra money?
  • Where would you travel?
  • How happy would your spouse be?
  • Can you imagine how proud of you your parents and children would be?

If you’re like most successful salespeople,
you want only a few things out of your sales career…

  • You want a steady stream of incoming qualified leads.
  • You want more sales opportunities with the decision maker every day.
  • You want a system for follow up that frees your mind to be creative.
  • You want to serve more people and make the world a better place.
  • And…you want to be greatly compensated for all of your hard work!

If you said yes in your head for even one item in the list above, you owe it to yourself to get in!
Here in America you can legally get anything you truly desire with the right plan and an
extremely high level of activity!

What if you are not in America? I promise you still can get anything
you truly desire with the right plan and an extremely high level of activity!


This scientifically built, decades-in-the-making, proven, three month, super intensive program will explode your sales into outer space! You will be pounding the phones with an authority and mastery within three months that other programs take years to approach, if they ever even do!

You want to hurry! We can only accept ten (10) new members per month so that you get the amount of one-on-one personal attention you will come to expect from us. Contact us now to get on the list:

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Here is all that you’ll get from the coaching program, plus much, much more!

Selling Skills

  • Close like a master from the start.
  • Build a pipeline of referrals and lead them to buy.
  • Make the cold calling part the best part of your day.
  • Market only to the real decision maker.
  • Overcome the real objection only, every time.

Personal Management Skills

  • Track your activities like a ninja warrior.
  • Time control: make a schedule that works for you – how and when to delegate.
  • Remove time wasting activities from your life.
  • Use the internet to sell more immediately.
  • Discover your real purpose and create your personal business plan for financial success.

Staying Inspired Skills

  • Use the negative vibes around you to your benefit.
  • Create your personal creed and value statement.
  • Stop procrastinating for good.
  • Be the most motivated salesperson you know.
  • Create loyal customers.

The coaching program works as follows:

You get:

One hour, every other week, of one-on-one coaching (six hours of coaching, consultation, and role playing).

You Get:

Reinforcement videos on the topics at hand. These short videos are from several different leaders in the sales industry. They will exactly correlate to your personal needs and are different for everyone.

You Get:

Unlimited e-mail consultation even after the coaching ends. Amazing value!

You Get:

Money Back Guarantee. After 60 days, two full months and four full hours of coaching, and all the extras if you feel that things are just not going well, you can simply ask for your money back. It will be returned no questions asked! That is how certain I am about this system! Double your commission income or you don’t pay!

Two Payment Options:

$750 per month for three months billed to your credit card for a total of 2250.

OR…Save $750.00!

One-time fee of $1500

My Personal Guarantee: “If you purchase any of my online marketing programs and, after going through them you feel that it was not worth every penny you paid, PLUS a whole lot more, I will swiftly give you a full refund of every penny.  No problem.  No hassles.  Period. So, click on the links on this page now and start to grow your business TODAY!”