Finding The Road To Sales Success

Lately I have been enjoying watching and learning from some old entertainers, thanks to YouTube.

People like:

  • Jack Benny
  • Don Rickles
  • Lucile Ball
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Dean Martin
  • The Marx Brothers
  • Sammy Davis Jr.

And, of course, Elvis.

These people were true professionals. They took themselves seriously as entertainers, and never lost sight of the fact that they needed to continually improve their craft or risk being dropped like a hot potato.

They all had the same story. It is probably your story as a salesperson, too. Most started from relative poverty. They quickly learned that they had some amount of skill that could earn them a few pennies, but mostly they enjoyed the attention.

  • They worked for anyone who would have them
  • They ate crackers and bologna regularly
  • They marketed themselves, and embarrassed themselves in the process
  • They bombed night after night before they found their following
  • Then, when finally they caught a break and got a small amount of fame, the pressure and practice time doubled and doubled again

The great Frank Sinatra, who was a child star, was even black balled for many years and was forced to take bit parts for minimal wages just to feed his family. But he persevered and overcame…just like you!

Here’s the tip: Stop trying to cut a new path. The road to success has already been cut in and paved. It is well worn from countless men and woman before you who have shown you the way.

  1. Find your skill
  2. Work at it day after day and consistently improve yourself
  3. Believe that what has worked for so many others will work for you too
  4. Be grateful, hopeful, and proud

Best Wishes,

The Deej

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