How to Fix Your Income Like the Wealthy Do

Boy, people really do like their discounts, don’t they!

(I have to warn you that my wife, who edits my writings, told me that this post is a little preachy. She is usually right. I am not changing it because this message, if heeded, will help you more than my usual coddling of your feelings.)

One of the great perks of getting older, it seems, is getting the senior discount. It is one of the few times in life that you actually get rewarded for not accomplishing anything of merit. From the best person to the worst, in this one instance, everyone is on the same playing field.

In essence, you get a prize from many retailers for simply not dying. Whoopee!

One doesn’t have to travel far to witness the limiting effects on people from this tradition. Basically just a trip to the mall or Walmart will do the trick.

You see, people in general are excellent at rationalization. You will hear, as I do, people demanding the senior advantage and saying things like:

  • Well, everyone else is getting it, why shouldn’t I?
  • Actually I earned it, my life was hard.
  • These retailers have been making money from me my whole life, now it’s my turn to get back!

Then the big one…

  • I need this discount now that I am on a fixed income.

I have witnessed something else too. There is a group of people who don’t accept those handouts:

The wealthy, and I believe that mindset is the reason why they became wealthy in the first place.

The wealthy do not to accept any of the senior advantages like Medicare, Social Security, Welfare, and discounts just for being old, not because they are against them all, but because they know, and you have witnessed that…

Unearned income makes people worse, not better.

Accepting these freebies will make you less productive, less charitable, and more self-centered. You will contract as a person instead of expand (except for your waistline…free food always tastes better to me too!)

The fact is, not everyone is getting free stuff, everyone’s life is hard, retailers have been actually serving you your whole life, and every person alive who is not in commission sales is on a fixed income!

It is called a salary.

Here’s the tip: You get to fix your own income and you get to choose your own lifestyle. You’ll figure out how to earn more than you know what to do with if you just live your life like your self-made parents before you. Pay for your own stuff; don’t expect, much less demand, anything from anybody.

Also, get into commission sales and take control of your own life and income forever!

Best Wishes,

The Deej

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